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Kunming College of Eastern Language

Chinese Martial Arts Experience ProgramIntensive Chinese Martial Arts Experience Program Chinese Fees

Program Duration:
  • $2050
CNY 2050
USD 2050
  • USD 2050
2 hours Martial Arts class in the Morning, Monday to Friday. (Students can choose from Bruce Lee’s Jeetkunedo, Wingchun, Taichi or mix any of them) 2 hours daily life Chinese language class in the afternoon, Monday to Friday. 3 meals a day: Monday to Friday, Tour around Kunming on Saturday: Experiencing Kungfu outside !!!!!!!! Accommodation: Hotel or apartment, - single room, double room (includes laundry, internet access) The following services are also included for free: Airport pick-up and drop-off Chinese traditional Martial Arts uniform A tour of the surrounding (bank, supermarket, post office etc.) SIM Card with data Travel Planning in China Medicine for minor illnesses 1 textbook, 1 bag, 1 pen, 1 notebook, 1 paper bag. 1 bus card.
If you need visa, there will be 220USD extra fees, which include JW202 form application & postal fees, and life insurance.
Chinese Martial Arts Experience Program