Kunming College of Eastern Language
Kunming College of Eastern Language
The Largest and Most Established Chinese School in Yunnan
Kunming College of Eastern Language
Type of Class Small group Class:  Small group Chinese class are offered in all language levels and special skills - beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced Chinese; HSK test; business Chinese, Chinese culture (Martial Arts, cooking, painting, calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc.). KCEL has commitment teaching plan to improve student's study efficiency, so we ensure that each class will be no more than 8 students.

One-to-one Chinese class: This program is designed for students who want to improve their Chinese in a short time; so it is totally customized. Student can make their own study plan and course schedules based on their own needs.

Semi-private Chinese class: It is also a customized program, designed for students who want to study with their friends without interference from others. And you can also enjoy the private class with big discount. Each class can mostly have 4 students.

You can always find the best mandarin course that suits you best at KCEL in different budget.
Chinese Language Courses
Chinese Language Courses KCEL provides all types of Chinese language courses in different levels and specialties:
  • Comprehensive Chinese in different levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced. 
  • Chinese language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.
  • Business Chinese: Elementary Business Chinese, Etiquette, Presentation and Negotiation in real business context, Business Writing, Business Case Analysis, etc.
  • Teachers training in Chinese: PE, Literature, Arts, Religions, Politics, History, Geography, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ethnic Customs, Etiquette and Minority cultures, etc.
  • Ancient Chinese: Ancient Chinese Poetry and literature, Chinese idiom, etc.
Chinese Culture Courses KCEL is glad to provide our special culture courses - Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Minority Music, Dance, Paper cutting, Chess, Handcrafts, Cuisine, Massage and Acupuncture, etc. All the courses are taught by professional and international certified artists and teachers in China.
Chinese Online
Chinese Online KCEL's Online class service is for students who want to learn Chinese but cannot come to China. As long as you need it, we can provide you with Online class services. Skype and QQ are the main contact tools for KCEL teachers can and you online video, according to your personalized requirements for curriculum design. We will arrange suitable Chinese teachers for you according to your Chinese proficiency, learning goals, learning time and requirements and expectations for Chinese teachers.