Kunming College of Eastern Language
Kunming College of Eastern Language
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Kunming College of Eastern Language
Chinese Online

Chinese Online

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Online class

KCEL's Online class service is for students who want to learn Chinese but cannot come to China. As long as you need it, we can provide you with Online class services. Skype and QQ are the main contact tools for KCEL teachers can and you online video, according to your personalized requirements for curriculum design. We will arrange suitable Chinese teachers for you according to your Chinese proficiency, learning goals, learning time and requirements and expectations for Chinese teachers.


Video lessons

Video lessons are recording. According to different levels, different contents, different skills of Chinese, Video lessons has designed primary Chinese, intermediate Chinese, advanced Chinese, Chinese phonetic, Chinese characters, grammar, Chinese culture, Chinese listening and speaking. Chinese intensive reading class and so on. Please look forward to it!


In addition, KCEL's collection method is a variety of PaypalPal WeChati Alipay, you can choose your convenient payment method, or you can contact KCEL to negotiate other payment methods.