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Newspaper Reading
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Newspaper Reading

Chinese newspaper reading class is to improve students' reading skills of Chinese Newspaper. It Not only can make it possible for student to read Chinese newspapers and improve students' reading skills, at the same time, this course can also serve as a cultural exchange with students, a platform for dissemination of information. If you desire reading chinese newspapers all by yourself, you can take our newspaper reading course.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture is a distinctive school known for its excellence in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreigners.  Our college employs professional teachers who use the latest teaching methodology supported by a conducive learning environment.  We also offer lectures on selected subjects and related language-study activities.

College services are available to a range of international and overseas students. Our courses are designed to meet our students' needs.  In addition to regular and extra-curricular classes we provide many opportunities to practice the language and immerse one’s self in the local culture.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture coordinates Advanced Learning programs with well-known Universities throughout China.  International students who have studied Mandarin and successfully completed the HSK examination will be recommended to these universities to study for a Bachelor's or Master's degree or a PHD.

KCEL has not only been honored as the best mandarin school on Go Kunming website, it also serves as the training base for International Chinese teachers in Hanban, those who are professional and talented ensure our teaching of high quality. Teachers in KCEL have a good command of Mandarin, and they can speak English fluently, there are weekly teaching training courses for them at the same time. KCEL is a campus worth trusting as the World Bank, UNESCO and New Zealand embassy all appointed KCEL to teach their staff Chinese.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture offers various activities to exercise language, culture study, culture exchange, research programs, business, and trade contact and conference services. Meanwhile, our school arranges characteristic cultural, scientific and recreational activities, including day-trips, social events and weekends away.

We hope we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our College!

Best Way to Learn Chinese

1. Through the infiltration of cultural knowledge, students can understand, distinguish and choose words with different styles in specific contexts, can understand the cultural connotation of the vocabulary, distinguish the flavor differences of vocabulary, and communicate correctly and properly in Chinese.

2. Through practice and analysis and explanation of exercises, we can further improve students' practical ability to master Chinese vocabulary, which is the consolidation of knowledge.

3. Watch some programs in a targeted way, and learn from these programs such as audio and television works of crosstalk, sketches, films and television programs, which are full of life flavor. This can not only edify your sentiment but also give you a stronger mood to learn Chinese.

4.  It is also a good way to enlarge your vocabulary and strengthen your mandarin chinese writing by retelling the text and reading composition. Because it is the easiest way to find out the problem in the composition. Errors in grammar and pragmatics, especially in understanding and using words, are most likely to be found in composition, and most suitable for improvement in composition.
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Newspaper Reading