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One on Two

If you are a couple, good friends, or relatives, or you can temporarily combine with another classmate, one on two will be your best choice. One on two can be as much as possible for you to provide personalized courses, according to your level of Chinese and your needs.

As we all know, one-on-one can tailor the teaching scheme, while the ordinary small class or large class cannot break through the school teaching mode, the teacher can only complete the course according to the outline, a new model of one-on-two teaching has changed this situation. Before the tutorial, teachers will be organized according to students'academic achievement, level of learning and personality, so that teachers can conduct tailor-made remedial actions to cater for the different situations of the two students, to create a learning plan and a mandarin language lessons plan for students to ensure the effectiveness of learning.

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Learn Mandarin for Beginners

How to get started in Mandarin learning?

The study of Mandarin must take into account three aspects of phonetics, grammar and vocabulary. The differences in Chinese language are prominent in speech, not only the phonetic system among the dialects, but also the speech within the dialects vary a lot. And the differences between dialects and Mandarin in terms of vocabulary and grammar are limited. It can be said that speech differences are the main cause of communication difficulties. Therefore, the key to learning Mandarin is to learn the standard syllable, which is based on Beijing pronunciation. Learning speech must focus on the training of mouth and ear.

Learning Mandarin speech includes two parts: pronunciation and standard pronunciation. Accurate pronunciation is the basic requirement of phonetic learning. The accuracy of speech is related to the ability of listening and distinguishing, so first of all, we need to improve the resolution of speech. On the basis of mastering the correct pronunciation, we need to practice again and again to achieve complete proficiency. Correcting pronunciation refers to master the standard pronunciation of Chinese characters and words and correct the phonetic habit of deviation from Mandarin influenced by dialects, which is a kind of memory training. The differences between dialects and Putonghua are not irregular. Understanding the corresponding law of dialects and Putonghua helps us not to remember the pronunciation word by word. And we can remember group by group.

On the basis of the correct pronunciation, we should also gradually apply to the actual spoken language through reading and conversation practice.

If you are considering taking mandarin language lessons, KCEL will be your ideal choice.
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One on Two