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One on One

One-on-one Chinese teaching class is a customized program, student can make their own study plan and course schedule under our teachers' help. One-on-one class gives students the opportunity to study for their own needs and interests, to have more time to speak and use Chinese with our professional teachers.

Tailor-made one-to-one learning programme that develops different learning programmes based on the results of the 1-to-1 assessment From zero to advanced Chinese, goal oriented, instructional, 1-to-1, completely customized. The basic feature of one-on-one tutoring is that a teacher tutors a student, unlike many students in the school, listening to a teacher's lecture in one class. From the essence of education, the only interaction can achieve the effective educational effect, while one-on-one is the basic requirement of education interaction, the traditional form of large classes, the interaction is difficult to effectively unfold. One-on-one individualized tutoring is KCEL for each student to develop a unique and effective teaching and counselling strategy tailored to the different learning and psychological situations of each student, each student is equipped with teaching team to carry out the implementation, through all-directional, strategic guidance, so that students have a learning method that suits their own and improves the bad learning habits.

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One to One Chinese Teaching

1. Custom learning scheme
With the scientific testing method and the rich teaching experience, our school conducts a comprehensive assessment for the foreigner to find out the loopholes in their study, then customize and implement the individualized education service program of one to one tuition.

2. Being suitable is the best
According to the characteristics of each student, our professional one to one chinese teaching experts in teaching Chinese select the most suitable foreign language teachers for every student.

3. Knowing students and being good at teaching, unique teaching method
Our school has numerous senior teachers with many years of teaching experience, many of them have the experience of teaching in the overseas Confucius college. They can provide students with one-to-one personalized guidance, thoroughly solve the learning problems of various subjects.

4. Full special service
Each student is equipped with private mandarin tutor who follows up the whole course to ensure students to receive comprehensive, systematic and good guidance in our company, and keeps communication all the time and feedbacks the learning situation in time.

5. All questions are never left overnight
After completing one day's guidance, students can also get online courses to facilitate their study, and the teachers will give answers to questions that students are not understood (including other subjects that are not tutored).
If you are not good at learning Chinese, come to us. We have not only one to one chinese lessons but also one on two mandarin language lessons and chinese language group teaching. You can choose the way you like, our aim is to improve your Chinese language skills.
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One on One