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Kunming College of Eastern Language
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1.Attendance award:

Students who have attended school for more than 90 % of the semester may apply for and receive a scholarship of 500 RMB in the second semester. (the number of applications is open to the application every term.)

2.HSK scholarship:

After a year of KCEL study, students can apply for and receive a 1,000 RMB scholarship in the second year if pass the HSK4 exam. If the student passes the HSK6 level after one year of study, he/she may apply for a scholarship of 2,000 RMB in the second year (request for HSK report card or E-REPORT card)

3.International students studying in China: 1+2+2 program:

Request : 1.High School Diploma 2. Under (Including ) 22 years old.

Currently, there are FIVE places in our school which offer scholarships.
9,000RMB for two semesters. Four classes per day. After studying in our school and pass the HSK3, student will be offered a full two-year scholarship, including tuition, accommodation. And a monthly study allowance of 800 Yuan in Yuxi Agriculture Vocation-Technical Collage.After graduation, the student can get the Diploma.

Those who have completed two years of study may enter the Yunnan Agricultural University for another two years of undergraduate study. The tuition fees for the undergraduate study period shall be determined by the university. ( The tuition fee per year:12000-15000RM B, normally .the student can get 50% scholarship) Those who have attained the standard of academic achievement, after graduation, obtain a bachelor's degree from Yunnan Agricultural University.

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