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(1) University Scholarship
Learn Chinese In KCEL, and reach into the university's Chinese language requirements, KCEL can help to apply for universities in Yunnan province each major, and help to apply for Government Scholarship in Yunnan Province.

(2) KCEL Scholarship

Administrative Measures for Down 's Chinese Scholarship in KCEL

In order to promote and develop exchange and cooperation between Kunming Oriental Language School and Chinese students from all over the world, Kunming Oriental Language School and the "Down" Group of Canada jointly set up the Kunming Oriental "Down Chinese" scholarship to fund excellent students, teachers, Scholars to Kunming Oriental language school or to carry out research. Kunming Oriental Language School is responsible for enrollment and management of "Down's Chinese" scholarship students.

First, the funding categories, duration

Funding Categories: Chinese and Chinese Culture Training.
Funding period: 1-2 years

Second, the scholarship content and standards:

1, study costs: full prize: 10000.00 yuan/person, year
Half prize: 4500.00 yuan/person, semester
Encouragement Award: 1000.00 yuan/person, semester
2, insurance costs: No
3, cost of living: No

Third, the scholarship conditions:

1, Attendance rate:
95% (full prize)
90% (half prize)
85% (Encouragement Award)
2, test scores (average):
90 points or more (full prize)
85 points or more (half prize)
80 points or more (Encouragement Award)
3, registered at school for more than a year
4, students under the age of 26
5, 90 days in advance to apply

Fourth, scholarship management

1. The "Down's Chinese" Scholarship mainly sponsors students from all over the world who are below HSK Level 3 in Chinese.
2. "Down's Chinese" scholarship students to teach language for Chinese,
3. "Down's Chinese" scholarship for students teaching objectives for HSK Level 4 and above.
4. "Down's Chinese" scholarship student training program into the Kunming Oriental language school overall teaching plan, unified management.
5. "Down's Chinese" scholarship student files are kept separately.
6. "Down's Chinese" scholarship Students studying attendance, teaching effectiveness, academic performance must be submitted to the Canadian "Down" Group audit.
7. "Down's Chinese" scholarship "tuition" directly from the Kunming Oriental language school scholarship students teaching, other expenses allocated for use Pay.
8. "Down's Chinese" Scholarship Students who violate the "scholarship conditions" stipulated in these Provisions will be subject to the "Ban 50% Scholarship" , "Ban Award Scholarship " or " expulsion from school" punishment.
9. Kunming Oriental Language School Foreign Students Management Regulations apply to the management of "Down's Chinese" scholarship students.

November 1, 2017