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Chinese Language Courses

Chinese Language Courses
KCEL provides all kinds of Chinese language courses:
Basic Chinese, Comprehensive Chinese (Beginner-Advanced), Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.
And Business Chinese courses:
Basic Business Chinese, Etiquette, Communication and Negotiation Skills, Writing, Practical training in real business contexts and Business Case Analysis, etc.
And Chinese teachers training courses:
Sports, Literature, Arts, Religions, Politics, History, Geography, Health system, including traditional Chinese medicine, Ethnic Customs, Etiquette and Minority cultures, etc.
And Ancient Chinese courses:
Ancient Chinese Poetry, Vocabulary, Analysis and Appreciation of famous Chinese Novels, etc.
At KCEL, you can always find best chinese language course in china, because we have rich experienced teachers.
  • Business Chinese
    Business Chinese Small Class & One-on-one; student visa providedMany students find the business Chinese course is very difficult, they always think they can not successfully overcome the business Chinese class. Bu...
  • Chinese Comprehensive
    Chinese Comprehensive In the second language teaching language course, the comprehensive course is a course which integrates the teaching of language elements, the teaching of cultural knowledge, the language skills and th...
  • Chinese Listening and Speaking
    Chinese Listening and Speaking From shallow to deep teaching, through entertaining to inspire students a strong interest in learning.In the classroom, our teachers attach great importance to creating a lively classroom atmosphere
  • Chinese Reading and Writing
    Chinese Reading and Writing From the base of Chinese strokes, from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, interesting teaching, to help students sum up the composition of Chinese characters, understanding parts and radical, an...
  • HSK Training
    HSK Training Small Class & One-on-one; student visa providedKCEL offers HSK courses from Level 1 to Level 6, All our HSK teachers are very experienced and are certified by Hanban (HSK test official agency). Be...
  • Newspaper Reading
    Newspaper Reading Chinese newspaper reading class is to improve students 'reading skills of Chinese Newspaper for the purpose of a lesson, not only can read Chinese newspapers and special students' reading skills, at t...
  • Short-Term Spoken Chinese
    Short-Term Spoken Chinese Small Class & One-on-one; student visa providedYou can customize your own study plan in certain time length. We provide all language, culture, and academic subject courses for students with specia...
  • Traveling Chinese
    Traveling Chinese Whether your interests are Chinese, food or culture, whether you are looking to travel, live or learn in China, Travel in China helps you learn Chinese better.Since the Tang Dynasty, there were foreig...
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Chinese Language Courses