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Traveling Chinese
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Traveling Chinese

Whether your interests are Chinese, food or culture, whether you are looking to travel, live or learn in China, Travel in China helps you learn Chinese better.

Since the Tang Dynasty, there were foreign students in China, and the number of foreign students has been increasing every year since the reform and opening-up policy, and exchanges between China and foreign countries have become more frequent, with the development of economy and the development of Comprehensive National Power, the tourism industry of our country has developed rapidly and become the sunrise industry of our country in the 21st century, while developing our country's long history and culture, it has greatly promoted the exchange between China and foreign countries and further stimulated the demand for second language learning. Because China's multi-element culture is one of the important factors to attract foreign students, the ancient customs and the long history and culture are the best ways to teach Chinese, therefore, it combines the foreign student's tourism with Chinese and designs a special second class which is helpful to the teaching of Chinese. The "Tourism Chinese course" appeared. For Foreign students who come to China to learn Chinese, tourism is an indispensable part of their life, combining the tourism culture with the study of Chinese, which greatly arouses their interest and contributes to the study of Chinese as a second language, it also Promoted Chinese culture and cross-ethnic exchanges.

When you want to travel to China, but you don't know about transportation, checking in or asking the way, what should you do? By learning to travel Chinese, we can help you solve these problems. The travel Chinese course contains many aspects of travel and life, such as booking tickets, shopping, money change, asking for help and so on. We have a dedicated teacher to conduct this course for you. You can choose the best class type: One-to-One so that the teacher can customize the teaching content for you. Of course, you can also choose a small class. Either way, we hope you can have a great time in Yunnan, a province with a wealth of tourism resources.

First of all, we will test your Chinese proficiency. Second, we will determine the level of your Chinese language according to the test. This determines what kind of teacher you will be assigned to in your class.
Third, if you choose a one-on-one class, we will ask the teacher to customize the learning content and learning plan for travel Chinese based on your personal circumstances and learning needs.
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Traveling Chinese