Kunming College of Eastern Language
Kunming College of Eastern Language
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Kunming College of Eastern Language
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①What is a short-term accommodation?
- Short-term accommodation are designed for students who only wants to study for a short time, usually less than 6 months.
All the accommodation facilitated with Free Wi-Fi, private bathroom, closet, study desk and chair, air-conditioner.
Premium Double Room with 2 Queen's Bed
$48 / ¥300/ Day
King’s bed with private bathroom
$42 / ¥260 / Day
Queen’s bed with private bathroom king
$32 / ¥200 / Day
②What is a long-term accommodation?
- Long-term accommodation are designed for students who register for small group class, or wants to study for more than 6 months. 
All the accommodation are apartments, facilitated with bathroom, kitchen and laundry.
You can choose to rent a single bedroom, or an whole apartment.
For a single room, the rent is between $158 - $236/month. You may share the bathroom and kitchen with others. 
For an whole apartment, the rent is between $240 - $480 /month.
All the price depends on the location and area. 
③What is Home-stay?
- Living with Chinese family. Personal bedroom. Bedroom, bedding, sharing home facilities, ¥1800/month. Does not include three meals.