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Acupuncture Education in Britain

In western countries, acupuncture, as an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, is generally well recognized. Although European and American countries do not understand the theoretical system and treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine, but other related technologies of traditional Chinese medicine really have their practical value and efficacy. Therefore, in some European and American countries, traditional Chinese medicine is not known as traditional Chinese medicine, but defined as Alternative Medicine or Comprehensive Medicine.

In the UK, acupuncture education is developing rapidly. There are two main ways to establish acupuncture majors in UK universities. One is to jointly run with a private acupuncture school, the other is to establish by itself.

Higher acupuncture education in the UK is mostly set up in health-related colleges or majors, and without relatively independent department. Most of the acupuncture majors have a three-year academic system, with a relatively small number of students and teachers. The degree awarded after graduation is bachelor of acupuncture. A few universities combine acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine to form a four-year master's program. At present, there are two professional colleges of traditional Chinese medicine: one is the college of traditional Chinese medicine with a five-year academic system at the University of Middlesex, and the other is the London College of traditional Chinese medicine jointly established by the British Acupuncture Foundation and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Other universities have also begun to offer bachelor's degree courses in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in national formal universities. The University of Westminster in the UK offers acupuncture majors. Students can choose their own teaching mode and obtain bachelor's degree in science after graduation.

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Acupuncture Education in Britain