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How to Improve Chinese Conversation Ability

When learning Chinese, one should learn "listening, speaking, reading and writing". Among them, "saying" is the most difficult but also the most critical one.

The purpose of learning a language is to communicate, so regardless of the need for examinations, if a foreigner can speak Chinese well, many Chinese people will think that he has a high level of Chinese ability.

So, how can we improve our conversation ability?

In the initial stage of learning Chinese, you can have a simple dialogue with the Chinese people by mastering basic greetings and simple daily expressions. However, in the intermediate and advanced stages, what is needed is to be able to express one's ideas more accurately and to be fluent in speaking chinese language.

To meet the above requirements, we need to achieve the following "three mastery":
1. Master the pronunciation
If you rush to practice conversation before you have mastered your pronunciation, it is likely to cause communication difficulties. And bad pronunciation may follow you all the time. Therefore, we must improve our own pronunciation before conducting a lot of conversation exercises. This is very important.

2. Master basic grammar
This is basically the same as the previous point. Every language has its own grammar. Grammar is a tool for standardizing languages. If you talk when you haven't mastered grammar well, it will not only affect your future study, but also affect your expression. Japanese should pay attention to this point. Although there are many Chinese characters in Japanese and some of them are similar in pronunciation and reading, they needn't worry about making mistakes if they have matered grammar.

3. Master certain listening skills
Sometimes, you don't need to understand 100% of what the other person is saying, but at least you need to understand 60%, and you can basically guess the rest. In addition, being able to understand means that you have a deep memory of those words and grammar, and then you can imitate others’ words and use the words and grammar you already understand to talk to others, which can improve your conversation ability faster.

There is a gap between the ability to talk and the level of learning. Many foreigners can only begin to talk about primary conversation when they have learned the intermediate level. Only when you have learned the advanced level can you master the intermediate level of conversation. Since "speaking" needs to be accumulated to a certain extent, there is no need to rush into the conversation, and the conversation ability needs to be gradually improved.

How to Improve Chinese Conversation Ability