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Learning Calligraphy Becomes New Fashion

Today, among more and more Chinese learners, there are many people who are fascinated by Chinese calligraphy!

Calligraphy is a expression form of Chinese characters, including official script, regular script and cursive script. Many foreigners learn calligraphy not for taking HSK exams or understanding Chinese novels. Instead, they study calligraphy as an art, just like art and music.

More and more foreigners are learning calligraphy. Some of them are overseas Chinese, and some are from Japan and South Korea. Even Europeans and Americans who can not understand Chinese characters at all are becoming fascinated by calligraphy. This owes more to the charm of calligraphy itself. Then why can only Chinese characters become calligraphy?

In fact, there is the word "calligraphy" in many foreign languages, such as in English and Arabic. But they are all translated into “good handwriting”. It seems to be quite different from the infinite implication of our calligraphy. An in-depth analysis shows that Chinese characters are ideographs, while most of the other Latin letters are phonography, so the artistic conception expressed in their calligraphy is very limited and relatively single, which is also a limitation of phonography. However, Chinese calligraphy is ever-changing in form. In addition, our writing brush has a sharp edge on eight sides. Through the performance of speed, weight and dryness, we can create an artistic feeling of painting. Therefore, calligraphy is the pure art of the Chinese people.

For a long period of history in China, calligraphy was the mainstream applied art. Among the six ancient arts--"ritual, music, archery, royal, calligraphy and numeration", calligraphy has a place. The brush, ink, paper and inkstone in the four treasures of the study are also around calligraphy writing. People who want to learn traditional Chinese painting in China should first practice calligraphy and take calligraphy as an entrance examination. It can be seen from this that calligraphy has played an important role in China's history and culture from ancient times to the present. It can be said that calligraphy has inherited China's cultural treasures.

If you have time, learn calligraphy! If you are interested in Chinese culture, learn calligraphy! I believe that after a period of time, it will not only be of great help to physical and mental health, but also conducive to the morality cultivation!

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Learning Calligraphy Becomes New Fashion