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Learning Chinese Culture Is Necessary for Chinese Learning

As the popularity of Chinese has soared overseas, Chinese culture has gradually become well known. Many foreigners come to China not only for learning Chinese, but also for study of Chinese culture, as more and more people begin to be interested in Chinese culture. During the summer camp, children from all over the world will experience life in China, while adults will learn local culture while traveling in China.

Here are some classic Chinese characteristics.

Chinese food
Representative delicious food: dumplings. People all over the world know that no matter what you want to eat, it is right to come to China. Whatever you want to eat, you can find it in China. Of course, here is a brief explanation of why Chinese people like eating so much. Apart from the natural advantage of a wide range of ingredients, the most important thing is that the religious nature of Chinese society is the most indifferent, and has long established a political-led social order, while any group whose religion occupies a more important position in the society will always have a set of strict diet taboos, because this is an important criterion for them to maintain their own characteristics. So we, Chinese, eat variously and widely.

Chinese kung fu
Representative kung fu: Taijiquan. Chinese kung fu is indeed world-renowned. Many foreigners who love martial arts or are obsessed with kung fu will come to China to worship, learn martial arts from teachers and experience authentic Chinese martial arts thoughts. Moreover, more and more Chinese martial artists are starting to teach in English, and Chinese martial arts have gradually moved towards an international route.

Chinese calligraphy
Calligraphy is definitely a treasure of Chinese culture and a great art nurtured by thousands of years of culture and writing. Its extensive and profound knowledge will definitely not be learned in a few years. Foreigners can further experience the charm of Chinese characters through calligraphy, and can also understand how the cohesion of a multi-ethnic country is formed.

Chinese traditional painting
Although Chinese ink and wash landscape looks less dazzling than oil painting, its artistic conception is far-reaching, and ancient Chinese thoughts and philosophy can be clearly understood from traditional Chinese painting. Although Chinese philosophy is somewhat difficult to understand, it does not affect the clarity and beauty of Chinese painting.

Learning Chinese Culture Is Necessary for Chinese Learning