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Mistakes that Japanese Often Make in Learning Chinese

Each language has its own characteristics and each country has its own culture. Therefore, when learning a foreign language, everyone will more or less show the imprint of mother tongue in learning.

In Chinese classes, Japanese are often silent, while European and American students actively express themselves. What mistakes do Japanese friends often make when learning Chinese?

First of all, just like Chinese character system, the Japanese one includes Chinese characters as well. Personally, I think this is the biggest reason for the mistakes by Japanese learners. Because there are Chinese characters in Japanese, when Japanese learn Chinese, they do not start from listening, but immediately rely on Chinese characters. "Teacher, how do you write the word you just said in Chinese?" I believe many teachers who have taught the Japanese are familiar with this question. However, it is not a good habit to focus on writing at the beginning of learning Chinese.

Secondly, Japan's education is similar to China's, with reading and writing as the center. The Japanese also begin to learn English at primary school or junior high school. English teaching in Japanese schools also focuses on reading and writing, with examination as the center, which is very similar to that of China. As long as you read and write, you can get good results. Therefore, most Japanese have developed a study method that focuses on reading and writing when learning a foreign language from an early age.

Finally, this has something to do with the Japanese national character. As we all know, nationals of every country have something in common. For example, many people think that Americans are very open and free, English gentlemen are rigid, and Germans are rigid and meticulous. Our impression on the Japanese is generally polite and reticent. In addition, Japan is a relatively moderate society, and everything we say and do must be done in coordination with the people around us. When learning a foreign language, one tends to communicate less.

To sum up, when study Chinese, Japanese focus on reading and writing, so they often ignore the most important listening and speaking in learning Chinese. Therefore, I hope the Japanese will change their study methods a little and communicate actively when learning Chinese so as to achieve better learning effect.

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Mistakes that Japanese Often Make in Learning Chinese