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Basic Business Chinese Vocabulary To Learn

If you are looking forward to doing business in China with Chinese people, firstly you need to know some business chinese. Here list you some basic business chinese vocabulary:

1.公司company 2.市场market 3.企业enterprise 4.投资investment 5.银行bank 6.美元dollar 7.资金capital 8.业务business 9.增长growth 10.产品product

11.价格price 12.管理management 13.经济economy 14.风险risk 15.贷款loan 16.大盘largecap 17.行业industry 18.基金fund 19.金融finance 20.生产production

21.经营tomanage 22.财经financeandeconomics 23.客户client 24.上市tofloat(a company on the stock market) 25.上市公司alistedcompany 26.交易transaction 27.监管oversee/take charge of/supervise/supervisory/supervision 28.上涨rise/go upward 29.销售sale 30.走势trend

31.股票stock 32.个股individualshare 33.发行toissue/topublish 34.资产capital 35.品牌brand 36.保险insurance 37.行情marketprice/quotationofmarketprice/thecurrentmarketsituation 38.下跌tofall/totumble 39.人民币RMB 40.大幅abigmargin/substantially

41.改革reform 42.全球global 43.消费者customer 44.产业industry 45.金融机构financialinstitute 46.反弹bounceback/rebound 47.利润profits 48.信息information 49.股价shareprice 50.成本cost

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Basic Business Chinese Vocabulary To Learn