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Chinese Classes for Adults

Chinese Training Courses for Adults

Enrolment Object: Foreigners who are living and working in China

Textbook: Books about the topics of daily life and business are selected

Teaching Objective: Learners can do daily communication in work and daily life.

Class Type: Day classes, night classes, weekend classes, and online courses.

Course Content: A total of five grades

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The elementary level (3 levels) courses teach pronunciation, intonation, basic words, grammar, and sentence structure. Learners can understand some simple phrases and use basic grammar in daily life.

The Intermediate level(3 levels) courses can help you improve your spoken Chinese quickly through vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

The higher-intermediate level (2 levels) courses can help you further understand how to use Chinese in real life by comparing the different cultures between China and your country, you can grasp Chinese at a deep level.

Advanced level(2 levels) courses help you have further proficiency in the use of Chinese, the knowledge and skills you acquire through the teacher's interaction in the class enable you to enhance the level of Chinese communication in the absence of native language translation.

The most advanced level (2 levels) courses help you make progress in Chinese sharply standardize your writing. From newspaper articles to Chinese prose, you can flexibly transform a wide range of topics without language and cultural barriers.
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Chinese Classes for Adults