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Four Reasons for Foreigners to Study Chinese in China

1. Do not get lost
In China, many roads do not have English names. When you travel to China, even if you take a map, you may lose the direction and lose your way. It will make you feel very lonely at this time. But if you have learned Chinese, these are no longer problems. You will not be upset because you do not know the way.

Study Chinese in China
2. Understand the Chinese menu
It's really helpful to be able to read the menu in a restaurant in Shanghai. In some big restaurants, there is an English menu. No matter what you want, mutton, chicken, beef, or pork. it is not a problem. But if you want to go some places that have few people and are the best place to cater to the locals. Without an English menu, you don't know what kind of food you are eating.

3. Communication with Chinese people
Coming to China did not really interact with the Chinese people. There is a large expatriate community that does not make you feel that you are living in China. Learning Chinese means you can chat with anyone at any time, such as taxi drivers, or in a bargaining shop and stalls. You may find that many Chinese people want to communicate with you in English. But obviously, this is a good chance to practice Chinese. You may also find that some Chinese are a bit shy. Because they feel that they do not have enough good English, so they are a little shy to speak with you, so learning to speak Chinese, it will not be a problem.

4. Learning Chinese will open your heart
You will learn a lot about Chinese traditional culture through learning Chinese. Language reflects and tells others how to see the world, so learning a new language always gives you a whole new perspective to look at life. This is a great thing! Only by learning Chinese can we truly understand the Chinese people, their customs, values and their outlook on life.
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Four Reasons for Foreigners to Study Chinese in China