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How many hours does it take to learn Chinese well

Chinese is different from English. People from many countries begin to learn English from primary school, while they begin to learn Chinese until they are adults. Take the Japanese as an example. It takes 5000 hours for them to learn English well. How many hours does it take to learn Chinese well?

The HSK test sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China stipulates as below: the time required for the initial and intermediate HSK is 400 to 2000 hours; learners with more than 3000 hours of practice are positioned as advanced level learners.

Suppose it takes 3000 hours to learn Chinese well, and it will take eight years if there is one hour of study each day. If you are  absorbed  in Chinese, you can study it for eight years. But if you learn Chinese because of your work, can you learn to at least 32 years old when starting at 24 years old? In view of that, it is very important to have enough time to learn Chinese well.

Many busy office workers are very good at Chinese. These people have one thing in common, that is, they are good at arranging their own time and squeezing time to learn Chinese. Regardless of time and place, even when bathing, eating, they can squeeze out a few minutes to study. This kind of person has high concentration, usually carries learning tools (such as notebook, electronic dictionary, etc.) with him, and has clear learning purpose. Therefore, we should remember that in addition to Chinese classes, we should also squeeze time to learn Chinese in our spare time.

 Besides squeezing time, it is also important to communicate with others and immerse yourself into the Chinese environment to quickly improve the Chinese level. It's better if you can often touch Chinese at work. Without this opportunity, it's also a good choice to watch Chinese TV, listen to Chinese songs, or talk to Chinese people.


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How many hours does it take to learn Chinese well