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How many steps are there in learning Chinese?

There are more and more people learning Chinese, but few of them speak idiomatic Chinese. Here are some important steps to learn Chinese:

Step 1: reliable Chinese friends are very important

What is the relationship between learning Chinese and finding Chinese friends? Many Chinese feel that they can teach Chinese. They talk about astronomy, geography, ancient and modern knowledge home and abroad. However, from the perspective of language teaching, before learning and mastering the basis and overall structure of a language, a large number of high-precision and difficult sentence structures will only make Chinese language beginners confused. The final result is: "Chinese is too difficult, I'd better give up."

Step 2: Please trust your teacher!

It's important! This step is based on the first step. After arriving at a school, please trust your teacher. Many students ask some strange questions in class, such as “Is it right? My friend doesn't say it like that, etc. First of all, maybe we are all right, because China is very large and has many dialects and there are many versions of the same expression. Then, the teachers teach Mandarin, which has universal applicability, and many spoken languages are beyond the expression of grammar, so believe your Chinese teacher!

Step 3: please review properly

When many people learn Chinese, they are active in class, but soon they forget all the knowledge when asked about it again next day. Review cannot be missing, and properly review will make you not always ask the teacher "why I learned so slowly."

Step 4: please speak Chinese

Language needs environment, so learning Chinese in Beijing has obvious advantages. Moreover, speaking more Chinese will stimulate your desire and motivation to learn Chinese, so please speak Chinese!


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How many steps are there in learning Chinese?