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How to Learn Chinese Spelling Fast 2

The following methods may let you know how to learn Chinese spelling fast.

6. Contrast method

The contrasts between such as the lip shapes of o and e, the mouth shapes of the front and back nasal finals, and the aspiration p and the non-aspiration b., etc. can make the students master different pronunciation characteristics. Of course, when necessary, you can prepare some pieces of paper, put one in front of your mouth, and feel the strength of the air flow of the aspiration and non-aspiration through the vibration of the paper.

7. Hyperbole method

In order to highlight some of the Chinese pronunciation characteristics, sometimes we can slightly exaggerate the differences between sound and sound, tone and tone. For example, the syllables before the light sound can be deliberately prolonged and aggravated, and then pronounce low and short light sound; lengthening the sound length and increasing the volume, for example, when articulating ai ei, the tone of the first phoneme can be extended, and you can also practice with exaggerated blackboard-writing, tone and sound dragging.

8. Auxiliary method

With the aid of foreign objects, the students can feel the pronunciation characteristics, for example, when having difficulties in pronouncing x and s, the students can rectify their pronunciation with the aid of the index finger or toothpick, put 1cm of the index finger or toothpick in the mouth, when pronouncing x, the tongue is pressed under the finger or toothpick, and the tongue is also pressed when articulating s, but you can obviously feel the rising of the top of the tongue.

9. Foreign language guidance method

The students' experience of foreign language pronunciation can help learn Chinese pronunciation, for example, almost all students can articulate the falling tone of “yes” in English, they can imitate the tone trend of this to pronounce the falling tone in Chinese, and pronouncing the rising tone in Chinese through imitating the tone trend of “what” in English. The teachers can also guide the students to make the sound of Chinese initial [s] with the help of the English phonetic symbol, s[es].

10. Flow of speech method

What if the students cannot pronounce most of the sounds? At this time, we should pay attention to the flow of speech teaching. For example, when the prenasalized stop, "an", cannot be pronounced correctly, we can let the students unwittingly pronounce "an" through the pronunciation of the flow of speech of “天安门”, and then peel out the "an" from the flow of speech to let the students feel, practice until mastery. They can also correct the wrong pronunciation with the flow of speech.

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How to Learn Chinese Spelling Fast 2