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Learn How to Speak Mandarin

Before formulating a chinese learning program, first of all, we should understand our foundation in Mandarin, what we need to do, and how to achieve the purpose of practicing Mandarin well. As the old saying goes, “ Preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure.” With a plan, you can remind yourself to complete the corresponding training plan on time. The personal training plan should not cover a long period of time, a week is a formulation cycle, we need to summarize the training effect every week, finding out the deficiencies and problems, and formulating a new training plan that suitable for yourself.

Content of Training Plan

1. Find a magazine or your favorite novel, or a textbook or newspapers. Find the articles that you like in these materials and read one to two articles aloud each day.

2. Search for a tongue twister on the Internet, print it out or save it in your cell phone. Try to find some classic tongue twisters that are pretty difficult, we can start from a short one, for example, Eight hundred Pacesetter Rush North Slope, The Dumb and the Lama, and practice it every day for ten times. Pronounce clearly, do not skip, and consciously speak faster and faster.

3. Practice some high-level tongue twisters when the basic tongue twisters have been done. You can practice it part by part and combine every part in the end without any pause and ambiguousness.

4. Keep watching the news every day, and try to retell the news loudly and clearly like the host, of course, you can also retell the words the host has just said, to improve your sense of language and accuracy.

5. Listen to the radio and retell the contents.

6. When the foundation has been built, you can begin to recite your favorite articles or speeches. You can find an empty place and try to read them loudly alone, as fast as possible, and more and more content.

7. When you have practiced the above steps, you can try to participate in all kinds of speech contests and poetry recitation contests on campus, communicate with your friends in fluent Mandarin, learn some funny jokes, and show a classic penetration, a tongue twister or a crosstalk to others.
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Learn How to Speak Mandarin