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Learn to Speak Mandarin Fast

For a foreign learner, the instructor should be able to use a wonderful lead to stimulate student interest. A good introduction to the new lessons, like a bridge, links old and new lessons. Teachers should carefully design the lead words, use the students' curiosity, seek new psychology, and give students a surprise, which will induce students' interest in learning and enlighten students' thinking. In the process of Chinese teaching, you can intersperse the interesting things of some scientists or writers, and use the methods of induction, directness, doubt, performance, storytelling, discussion, etc. to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, so that they will change from passive learning to active learning, The level of Chinese learning will continue to be increased. Its creation environment enables students to experience the joy of learning. For example, when it comes to price, the teacher can create a supermarket environment, let students experience the fun of learning by buying different things, so that the Chinese classroom won’t be boring, the students will have a deep memory, and the learning effect will be greatly improved. It is much better than just reading a textbook.

In addition, role-playing methods can be used. Interesting games can create a relaxed teaching environment for students to master Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing without knowing it. Then mobilize the students' emotions. As an old saying goes, love is the most touching thing in one's heart. The teacher's teaching process is the process of imparting knowledge, and it is the process of emotional communication between teachers and students. In basic chinese course, teachers should guide students to enter the scene to experience certain emotions and use their rich expression and vivid language to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, make them learn Chinese in happiness.

The good way to learn to speak mandarin fast is of course more than these. These are just to make foreigners interested in Chinese. If you are interested in one thing, no matter who you are, you may spend more time and energy on this matter, and you will enjoy it. Among them, interest is the best teacher. So the best way to learn Chinese is to immerse yourself. Only by immersing yourself in a specific environment can you have unexpected effects.

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Learn to Speak Mandarin Fast