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How do foreigners learn Chinese better in China? For many foreigners who are learning Chinese in China, they all want to learn Chinese better, so that their future life and work will be much easier. So how can foreigners learn Chinese better in China?

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I think in addition to chinese learning classes,  extracurricular learning can be carried out, and the combination of classroom and extracurricular learning will be very effective for their learning. In particular, it refers to the extracurricular learning outside the classroom. For the students in Kunming College of Eastern Language, they practice the most important and difficult knowledge that they have learned in class more in their life and work. Also, they will have learning interaction with their Chinese teachers online at any time, which can make up for the deficiency of Chinese learning in space and time.  In addition, when foreigners learn Chinese in China, in the Chinese extracurricular learning, the knowledge of Chinese, such as Chinese Pinyin, vocabulary, grammar and even sentence patterns, should be interacted with friends and colleagues around them, which can also make up for the deficiencies in Chinese learning. So concerning about how foreigners can learn Chinese better in China, apart from taking advantage of the Chinese language environment, they can also imitate the recording of their own Chinese level courses and take part in some Chinese activities. At the same time, they must closely associate with the Chinese learning in class, so that they can learn Chinese very efficiently in China.

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Study Chinese Language in China