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Teaching Links and Methods of Oral English Class

Oral Chinese course is a special skill course, which aims at cultivating students' oral communication ability.

Generally speaking, the students in the introductory and preliminary stages should master the basic language in daily life, and be able to carry out the general communication, such as meeting, asking, shopping, traveling, etc., and be able to simply express their own opinions and describe the basic content of things.

The teaching of oral Chinese generally includes five links: preparation, checking and reviewing, learning new lessons, knowledge consolidation and assignment.

1.preparation. Oral English class should pay attention to the interaction between teachers and students, students, and oral teachers must create a relaxed, happy, harmonious classroom atmosphere to make students active.

(2) Review. After the beginning of class, teachers should review assigned tasks and language points in the last lesson, master the students' learning condition, and the general time is about 10 minutes.

In the first two months, students in the introductory class of spoken Chinese course should mainly recite texts. After they have a certain foundation of Chinese, teachers will gradually increase the difficulty of learning, such as impromptu ask-and-answer between teachers and students on the sentences they have learned, or simple discussion, dialogue or statement between students on the topic assigned by the teacher.

(3) Learn new lessons.

1. Import a new lesson.

Explain the new words. The explanation of new words generally has the demonstration method, the explanation method, including the body language, drawing and so on. It is necessary to pay attention to the students in the introductory class to strengthen the introduction of new words to give students the correct pronunciation demonstration. The teacher should mobilize students more, give priority to interaction, and let the student open their mouth to speak.

3. Study the text.

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Teaching Links and Methods of Oral English Class