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The Chinese appellations That Are Difficult to Master

Language is the carrier of culture and each country has different national character, so language expression is not the same. But the language categories of each nation are almost the same. It's just about how many words they use or how they are used to expressing these words. Chinese language learning in appellation is a big obstacle for Chinese language learners. Because of different culture, appellation often makes learners dizzy.

Americans don't have much taboo in terms of appellation in their culture, it’s ok to just call their first names (but don't call them their last names); South Korea is a bit complicated. People who often watch Korean dramas will find that when Koreans first contact each other, they always ask age first, because they have to decide what kind of language to use according to their ages. For people older than themselves, some behaviors can't be done at all. They also need to call "you" (Be similar to “您” in Chinese)when speaking to people older than themselves.

In China, appellation is also very important. It is said that Chinese appellation among kinships also crashes learners . Because of its complexity, sometimes even Chinese people make mistakes! For example, Chinese people of different ages have different names for their peers and elders, and appellations for the relatives of the paternal side and the maternal side are also different.

It should be noted that in some special appellations, Chinese words are also used more regularly. For example, "ex" does not have too much emotional color in Chinese, ex-girlfriend, ex-president, etc., but "step" often has derogatory color, such as stepmother, etc. So these two situations are not corresponding to each other.

How to teach these words to the students systematically? The teacher still has to work hard. Otherwise, it's very difficult to have a successful class of Chinese appellation words!


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The Chinese appellations That Are Difficult to Master