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The relationship between Chinese learning and personality

Does learning Chinese also depend on character? The answer is yes. Some characters are suitable for learning Chinese, while others are not!

Characters suitable for learning Chinese

  1. A man of perseverance

    As the ancient Chinese goes, " It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep". As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day.". Chinese cannot be learned in two or three days. We must have perseverance and persistence to study to the end. For those who lack perseverance, please choose a suitable method to use before learning Chinese, so as to keep on.

  2. Positive people

    This is also a very important point. Positive people will take the initiative to talk to Chinese people and like to do so. Positive people will progress faster than those who are afraid to say something wrong. So, if you want to learn Chinese well, please speak Chinese actively. In this way, you will have more Chinese friends, learn more, and have a more colorful life in China. Speaking more is the key to learn Chinese quickly!

Characters not suitable for learning Chinese

  1. A man of perfectionism

    No matter what to do, this kind of person wants to be perfect. It seems that such a person is suitable for learning Chinese, but it is actually not. They will be too obsessed with the "accuracy", and they will always be obsessed with the correct use of grammar when speaking Chinese. As a result, they often miss the opportunity for progress. If so, try not to get tangled in the accuracy and it’s a good practice to just say it happily.

  2. Too serious person

    This kind of person is a bit like perfectionists. But the difference is that perfectionist people seek perfection in everything, while those who are too serious sometimes deviate from their original intention and are entangled with something less important. For example, perfectionists make word books for the purpose of memorizing words, while people who are too serious often forget their original meaning when they make word books, and stick to doing word books itself.

  3. People with strong logical thinking

    Language is a kind of tool of conveying feelings and meanings and it has nothing to do with logic. However, for people who are good at logical thinking pay attention to the logicality of everything, they often analyze the language with logical thinking and memorize the words according to the parts of speech. In fact, many Chinese words have more than one part of speech, so doing so will hinder them from improvement. Therefore, when learning Chinese, please weaken your logical thinking properly.


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The relationship between Chinese learning and personality