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The Correct Order of Chinese Learning

Learning any language has a sequence. You can't rush for success. You can't skip to learn advanced knowledge without finishing the basic one. Therefore, learning sequence is very important, as is the case with Chinese.

There are tones in Chinese, which are rare in other languages. Different tones have different meanings. In addition, there are many pronunciations in Chinese, so mastering pronunciations is the key in the initial stage of learning.

The order of Chinese learning

Step 1: Learn tone well
Before learning pinyin, it is necessary to learn tones well. If there is something wrong with the tone, it is difficult for others to understand what you mean. Therefore, as the most basic one, learning tone well is the first step to learn Chinese well.

Step 2: Learn pinyin well
After tone, we will begin to learn pinyin. When Chinese are in primary school, they also need to learn pinyin. There are only Chinese characters in Chinese, but at the sight of mere Chinese characters, even the Chinese people do not know what its pronunciation is. Pinyin is needed to help at this time. In the streets of China, many road signs are double signs of Chinese characters and pinyin. Therefore, it is also very important to learn pinyin well.

Step 3: Learn grammar while reading
After pronunciation, we can learn simple grammar. Even you have learnt the previous two, please still learn grammar as a beginner. After all, grammar and pronunciation are two different things. Starting from grammar, the learning method I recommend is "following reading". Listening and repeating, which are helpful for students to master the language sense of Chinese and to train their listening and conversation skills.

Step 4: Take HSK as the goal and thoroughly learn Chinese
After learning the basics, we can study Chinese in an all-round way. Learning any language has four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. These four aspects are complementary and indispensable. Therefore, to improve the comprehensive ability of Chinese is the best way to master and speak Chinese quickly. In order to achieve this goal, we should set ourselves a difficult goal and conquer it. The method I recommend is to take the HSK test and aim at passing the test.

The Correct Order of Chinese Learning